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What happened to the black screen of the driving recorder?
2023-04-17 Author:BRVISION

The black screen of the driving recorder may have the following problems: power supply problem, line problem, driving recorder problem, memory card problem, driving recorder open time is too long, driving recorder battery life is too low. Power supply problem: There is a problem with the power supply, because the power supply problem is the easiest to detect, so first consider whether it is an element of the power supply, the driving recorder is connected to the power supply through the car cigarette lighter and the USB interface, and can be detected by other electrical appliances using the same interface It turns out that if the other power supply is plugged in and running normally, the power supply problem can be ruled out. If it is determined that there is a problem with the power supply, we should repair the power supply in time, and we need to go to the auto repair shop to find professional staff.

Line problem: line problem, unplug the power plug of the driving recorder, and then reconnect the power cable, if the screen of the driving recorder still cannot brighten after reconnecting, then rule out the line problem, if it is determined that the line has a problem, we should Please go to the 4S shop or the nearby auto repair shop in time to have the staff check and replace the line.

Driving recorder problem: The driving recorder problem, excluding the above two assumptions, may be a problem with the driving recorder itself, but if there is a problem with the driving recorder, you can only provide after-sales service at the store where the driving recorder was purchased.

Memory card problem: In addition, if there is a problem with the memory card of the driving recorder, the black screen of the driving recorder may also appear. At this time, we need to clear the memory and "slim down" the memory card, which can effectively alleviate this situation.

The running time of the driving recorder is too long: You must know that the work of the driving recorder needs to consume power, and the uninterrupted work will definitely cause damage to the battery and cause a black screen. Think about it, you should rest and relax after working like a human, but the recorder and Batteries are machines and have no perception function, but they are also not like human beings that can self-regulate their bodies. Excessive work can shorten their lifespan, especially in terms of car batteries. Batteries are usually charged every six months. Although the power consumption is very small, if If it is turned on all the time, it consumes a lot of power. It is recommended to shut down the driving recorder every once in a while to maintain it in case of battery failure.

The battery life of the driving recorder is too low: If the driving recorder is turned on for a long time, the battery life will be reduced, and the screen will naturally go black when the battery is dead. In this case, the battery should be replaced in time.

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