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Six principles to teach you how to buy a smart car CAM
2023-03-28 Author:BRVISION
  When buying a dashcam, you need to pay attention to the following issues:
  1.Video quality

  The video quality of dashcam directly affects the video effect of recording, so we should pay attention to the picture quality when choosing. In general, high-definition video quality better preserves details, such as license plates, road signs, traffic signs, etc., and is more useful for insurance claims or traffic accident evidence.

 2. Perspective
  The Angle of view of dashcam determines the scope of recording, so attention should be paid to the size of the Angle when selecting. Some dashcams have wide-angle lenses that record a wider field of view, while others have swivelable cameras that adjust the Angle of view. Therefore, choose the size and type of view according to your requirements.

 3. Other functions
  Some high-end dashcams also have other functions, such as GPS positioning, track recording and parking monitoring. The GPS location function records the vehicle’s path and provides a more detailed record in the event of an accident. Track recording function can record the driving history of the vehicle, convenient for the owner to manage and query. The parking monitoring function monitors the surroundings while the vehicle is parked to prevent theft or damage to the vehicle. Therefore, in the selection can be based on their own needs to choose what functions of the car recorder.

  4. Storage capacity and storage mode
  There are two storage methods for dashcams, one is the internal memory card, and the other is connected to an external storage device. Note the storage capacity and storage mode. Some dashcams have built-in memory cards, which have limited storage space and need to be emptied regularly. Others allow connections to external storage devices, which have more storage space and allow cyclic coverage. Therefore, you need to select storage capacity and storage mode according to your requirements.

  5.  Brand and after-sales service
  Choosing a well-known brand of dashcam can ensure the quality and after-sales service, and avoid problems in the process of use that cannot be effectively solved. Some well-known brands of dashcams.

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