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What Features Does an AI Dashcam BR-CRD04 has?
2022-10-20 Author:BRVISION

Dash cams have gradually become a necessity for every vehicle. It can record whatever is in front of you and save video/evidence if the accidents happen. However, do you need a AI Dashcam that not only record inside and outside of the vehicle, but also prevent road accidents by audible alarm?


Our NEW AI Dash Cam BR-CRD04 is developed and designed incorporating the thoughts&opinions of our customers . It quite fits for commercial vehicles including trucks/fleet/bus/van etc. 

ADAS and DMS Explanation

ADAS(Advanced Driver Assistance System)

  •  Forward Collision Warning---while the speed difference between the two vehicles is large and the distance is close (such as sudden braking)
  •  Stop&Go Assist---remind stop and go when waiting for the traffic light
  •  Headway Monitoring Warning--- while the two vehicles are driving at a constant speed, but the distance is close,it will alert to maintain a safe distance.
  •  Lane Departure Warning&Pedestrian Collision Warning