Choose subsidy discount funds that meet your school bus needs
Let experts help your fleet and give the most favorable subsidy policy adapted to the local environment
In the process of cooperation between BRVISION safety experts and the operation of the school bus fleet, we provide the most important school bus safety system to ensure the safety of students and others. BRVISION has always focused on this.
Provide the most user-friendly subsidy discount, withdraw brvision's humanistic care and humanitarian spirit.
Our 48-hour discount is issued to eliminate the frustration caused by long time spent buying school bus safety equipment for fleet workers. BRVISION’s dedicated English customer service representatives provide one-to-one full guidance and safety experts. The team helps you seek subsidies to purchase school bus technology, such as video surveillance and wireless connection systems, radar technology, and fleet management software. These systems support the safety of students in and around the bus. From the start, they will record your safety and security for you.
Fill in the safe fleet assistance plan form
In-depth understanding of the number of counties, cities, states and school buses to increase the utilization rate of funds
• The whole process will be guided one-to-one by a dedicated English customer service
• Experts will provide subsidies and discounts through the size of the fleet and weather conditions.
• All procedures will be delivered within 48 hours
  • Fill in the information
    Fill in the information
  • Dedicated English customer service
    Dedicated English customer service
  • Mail reply
    Mail reply
  • Discount
  • Place an order
    Place an order
Let experts and dedicated English customer service help you browse and purchase school bus safety equipment
  • Practical assistance
    Practical assistance
    Experts will guide you to the environment in which the safety fleet is located to give your actual use needs, and provide comprehensive safety guarantees for your fleet from the start
  • Discount grant program
    Discount grant program
    The customer service staff will assist your fleet and brvision's safety experts to coordinate the actual situation within 48 hours, and have proposed a tailor-made subsidy discount for your location in the fastest time.
  • Purchase support
    Fill in your contact information through brvision to get the humanized discount we give
Look for subsidized discounts that can help your fleet improve student safety and operational efficiency
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